Behavior essay for students

behavior essay for students

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But Christophers behavior (if changed) will be difficult to control. Behavior essays for students, the implementation of this principle will be described in detail. The conclusion will be made as for the necessity of controlling and correcting driving behavior and the effectiveness of the chosen principle in the given situation. Before we start considering the topic which interests us, namely the discussion of certain driving behavior and the possibility to avoid it, it is necessary to define behavior as such. Generally, behavior is what. We accomplish actions which are publicly observable such as body movements, speaking, and. When we view resume the behavior of the person I have chosen to observe it is as follows. The chosen person is my cousin Christopher who works for a growing fmcg company under large pressure of his management.

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I am going to find the pictures from the scene of this accident and show Christopher. This will be done between this and then in order to seem an accidental match with Christophers behavior on the way. Observing people behavior essay for students. What is the reason for concern is his driving behavior while talking on the cell-phone. Christopher becomes inattentive; he fails to notice important road signs and even safety pedestrians. As far as it is impossible for him not to talk on the phone while driving (he works outside the office and thus is to be available and easy of pdf access at all times) there is supposed to be some way to make him. There are some possibilities of making Christopher be more careful on the way while talking on his cell-phone. First of all, it is possible to engage his close relatives (and even friends) into the process and ask them to constantly remind Christopher to be careful. As soon as he begins to be more attentive and drives more safely their constant reminders will stop. This is supposed to be such a principle rental as negative reinforcement.

What is more likely to have its positive effect on Christophers driving behavior is such principle as respondent conditioning. This principle is supposed to be used in order to establish certain response based on methods developed and described by ivan pavlov paper and his disciples. In this type of conditioning some kind of an initially neutral stimulus is supposed to eventually cause a conditioned response. I believe this principle to be the most appropriate and effective in this situation as it is supposed to cause a long-term reaction which will protect Christopher from meeting with an accident on the road while driving and talking on the cell-phone. In order to implement my plan I will have to pretend observing Christophers behavior for some more time. Thus your, i will have to be in his car new with him while he drives solving his business issues, executing the managements orders, and doing his job. Before we go driving one day i tell him some recent and horrible episode connected with a car accident which was caused by lack of the drivers attention while talking on the phone and driving at the same time. The accident is supposed to be the drivers fault and there can even be victims.

behavior essay for students

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A visit to the information mall: web searching behavior of high school students. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 50(1 24-37). He will certainly parallel the described accident with his careless driving behavior and instinctively will notice the coincidence. My story is supposed to make christopher understand that his phone conversations and relevant driving behavior can result in something similar. Thus I have to make him change his driving behaviors. His cell-phone ringing will be a neutral stimulus (NS) first. As soon as roles the phone rings I will show him the photo of the accident I have spoken about. And the photo of the accident will serve as an unconditioned stimulus (US). So this variant of influence can be used as additional and a kind of a safety net.

Nonetheless, there is one shortcoming that the research team did not categorize the difficulties or problems that the students encountered while performing a search. Basically, the team did mention about the difficulties for particular students in the section that described the searching behavior of the students. However, the team did not create a classification of those difficulties that specifically led to the main recommendations in the discussion section, which in turn failed in looking for common difficulties and paying attentions to different difficulties encountered by different students. According to babbie (1998,.297 by having done an organized list of the variety of types of the difficulties encountered by the students, one can then more easily discover the characteristics of the students, the web environment or the like associated with those different types. Consequently, the recommendations for resolving those difficulties would be more persuasive to the audience. For example, some students do not perform searching as efficiently as others do because they are unable to identify appropriate search engines and it is found that expert surfers are good at identifying search engines. Then, it is convincing that the students who do not perform searching well need training for surfing the web in order to help them search productively. Bibliography, fidel, raya, davies, rachel., douglass, mary., holder, jenny., hopkins, carla., kushner, Elisabeth., miyagishima, bryan., toney, christina.

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behavior essay for students

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Results/Discussion, one of the strengths in the article is that the research team clearly summarized and categorized the behavior of the students when preparing for a search and during a search, by which the research team succeeded in achieving part of the purpose of this. For instance, the research team realized that the students prepared for a search by following experience of the past or other participants. Some students considered that a previously successful search should guide them to another success in a new search, whereas most students assumed that efficient searching would be supported by following the suggestions or hints on where to start searching given by the teacher, the librarian. For the search processes, the research team observed that all students performed focused searching and advanced through searches swiftly and flexibly. In addition, they used landmarks and assumed that one could always start a new search and ask for help.

Likewise, the team accomplished suggesting changes in the design of the web so as to improve the learning experience of students. The changes included providing knowledge tools such as encyclopedias, plan lexicographic aids, synonym finders and thesauruses, landmark shelves and spell-checker programs. Also, the design of the web should be able to filter non-useful information and enable users to access sites using partial or incomplete urls. Furthermore, the research team suggested that graphical clues should be used to identify type of information provided by web sites. Finally, the team recommended that the first screen should include as much pertinent information about the site as possible.

In this research, the observers might affect the behavior of the students by imposing pressure on them. Since the students had known the purpose of the study at the very start and they were being closely observed while searching, it was difficult to expect them performing searching as naturally and honestly as they would do without being focused by strangers. Thus, this might lead to three students being absent in the horticulture class during the three-week observation period even though they knew that the research team were depending on them to conduct the research. In fact, the rate of absence is somewhat high in an eight-student group. Even if the absences were just coincidence and it was nothing about the research, there were still clues to the possibility that the students did not like being closely observed and felt like being supervised. For a few times, the students were sitting at the computers and started searching already without waiting for the team members to record their behavior.

Moreover, the team members found that most of the students did not like school most of the time. Both of the phenomenons uncovered that the students were likely to dislike being watched to complete tasks. Furthermore, it was unusual that the students performed focused searching by keeping exploration to a minimum on the web and ignoring entertaining diversions on the screen. As the students had little experience in information retrieval on the web, they normally had curiosity to widely explore the features of the web and were supposed to be distracted with the entertainment provided by the web while searching. It was probable that the students did not show natural searching behavior when being watched. Despite the hawthorne effect brought to this study, it was ethical to have told the students the truth that they were being studied. Therefore, the research team should have been sensitive to and cautious about the consequences of the effect on the research.

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The web-searching behavior for finishing horticulture assignments of the students was intended to be observed and analyzed in the study. The horticulture teacher assisted the research team in inviting eight students to voluntarily participate in the study as requested by the team members. Data were collected pdf through observing the eight students in class and at the terminal with them thinking aloud and through interviewing these students, the teacher, the librarian and the principal of the school. In my point of view, one weakness in the data collection methods is that the research team members unintentionally participated in what they were studying. Firstly, the team introduced itself and explained the purpose and nature of the study to the participating students at the first meeting. Secondly, each team member accompanied the student that he or she was observing throughout the project to go to the library, sat beside the student and tape-recorded the narration of the student in the search process. Finally, the team members asked the students several questions at the beginning and at the end of each search session. As a result of Hawthorne effect, babbie (1998,.286) states that if the subjects of study realize that they are being studied, it is inevitable that whatever the observer does or does not do will have effect on what is being observed.

behavior essay for students

Overall, they were satisfied with their searches and results but impatient with slow response. The reasons why the students enjoyed searching the web were because the web had a variety of formats such as pictures and sounds, covered a multitude of subjects, and provided easy access to information. However, the authors had also observed that the students encountered difficulties while searching, by which the authors considered that it implied the need for training to students, teachers and all involved and the need for designing the web to customize user seeking and searching behavior. In my review, i will mainly focus on the aspects of Methods, results/Discussion and Paper and its Format. Methods, the method of data collection is thoroughly explained in terms of who and what was studied, how they were selected and how data were collected. Six males and two females of eight students in West seattle high School were studied, in which five of them were in the twelfth grade and the rest of them were in the eleventh grade. Some were experts in surfing the web, but others just surfed occasionally or even had no experience in surfing. Nonetheless, all of them had very little assessment experience in online information retrieval and had no knowledge about the horticulture area.

behavior of high school students and recommending changes in the design of the web that may improve the learning experience of students. The authors conducted a field research to analyze the web-searching behavior of high school students for the three weekly assignments. The field research was a case study involving activities including: observation in class and at the terminal with students thinking aloud; interviews with various participants including students, the teacher who assigned the assignments, the one and only one librarian and the principal of the school;. 8 students who enrolled in a horticulture class voluntarily participated in the research for the team members to observe them searching online information on a one-on-one basis and interview them at the end of the observation period. Since the students were observed in the horticulture class for three successive weeks and not all the 8 students were present during the three weeks, the team totally observed 21 search sessions in the observation period. After recording observations and interviews, the authors found that the students performed focused searching, in which they just looked for information to accomplish the assignments without deviating from this task such as guiding searches according to assignment sheets and ignoring entertaining diversions on the screen. The authors also discovered that the students performed swift and flexible searching, where they scanned sites quickly and determined the relevance of sites by skimming the first screen and the graphics of the sites. In order to make sure that one can always start a new search and ask for help, the students used landmarks to continue exploring new sites with a safe and familiar site.

Smith would praise children for doing this, making a comment such as, Thank you, kathy, for putting up your folder. I dont want people to take your answers. I want to know only what they know on their work, not what you know. Smith also frequently reminded children about work habits. She seemed to focus especially on habits she thought were not compatible with hard e teacher commented to one child, carson, dont put your head in your hands while you are working. It makes you look lazy. Following this comment, carson put his fingers in his mouth. Smith would comment, If you listened the first time when I gave directions, you wouldnt have to waste time by asking me now, and you could get your work done. Smith noticed children talking to each other or looking to peers for help, she reminded them, in a matter-of-fact tone, to not talk and to do their own work.


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Independent Project 3 Behaviour Management of Students. For the purpose of this essay, i will be focusing on the behaviour management of students in classrooms as teachers spend most of their time in the classrooms with students. Teachers face several challenges while teaching young children. One of the major challenges teachers need to adjust to while teaching in the early years of schooling is to be able to effectively manage the behaviour of students in a classroom setting. Teachers need to have realistic expectations of the appropriate behaviours that students can display in the classroom to ensure that effective and conducive learning takes place. Smith was paper always present before the class and that the students waited outside until invited in by the teacher. Also, the teacher did not start the lesson until all the students were quiet. Day 2: i observed that Mrs. Smith reminded individuals and the class daily to do their own work and to not seek help from their peers.

Behavior essay for students
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  3. Good behavior essay - choose Expert and Cheap, essay. Students for copy behavior essays. Updates about enhancements to the act test, which are applied at a responsible pace and with our clients always in mind behavior essay for students to copy The stem academy at Lithia springs High School (lshs).

  4. York college students with why students and structure free download here is the largest arts schools, high-quality information on negative behavior. Sixth-Grade students is perhaps good for essays for rigorous since 1931. Understanding Self-Reliance: grade 3 english past papers Conference week oct. 8am - 5 pm do you need a behavior essay for students to copy disability services appointment? Careless driving while talking on the cell-phone will be corrected during one week with the help of such a behavioral principle as respondent conditioning.

  5. Describe And evaluate Two Explanations Of The. Independent Project 3 Behaviour Management of Students For the purpose of this essay, i will be focusing on the behaviour management of students in classrooms as teachers spend most of their time in the classrooms with students. Related Essays : 7 Most Important Aims of Education for the Students in the gurukul (Upanishadic Philosophy). Education as an Agent of Social Change essay. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay.

  6. Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Not only do these students have behavior problems, they tend to have a greater or increased probability of having a learning problem or a communication deficit. Essay on behavior : free examples of essays, research and term papers. Essay on behavior : essay examples, topics, questions, thesis statement. Streaming Of Students Essay research Paper Students.

  7. Essays writing guides for Students. Behaviour management refers to the actions and strategies of teachers to prevent and respond to inappropriate behaviour of students as well as to enhance self discipline among students. Essay for school of nursing admission. This app specifically authorized by a noncustodial parent is student behavior and field experiences. Fsu Admission Essay prompt 2012.

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