3 6 9 month business plan

3 6 9 month business plan

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Was formed with the merger of Warner Communications, Inc., time Inc., and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. 19 and now encompasses a plethora of properties in television, the Internet (like aol, cnn, tmz, m, moviefone, m, m and more film, publishing (including comic books and more than 150 magazines) along with marketing companies as well. Viacom owns a massive amount of television properties including mtv networks (and the many variants including mtv networks International which operates in 160 nations bet networks, cmt, comedy central, logo, nickelodeon, Spike tv, tv land, and VH1. 20 They also control several film production companies under Paramount Pictures Corporation and a massive internet presence. Cbs network consists of 30 stations and a 50 share of the cw network, the other 50 belonging to time warner along with 130 radio stations, major book publishers like simon shuster, prominent online holdings, cbs outdoor and more. 22 The case against increased media conglomeration is a strong one 22 with countless supporting factors, although many individuals seem to come to this conclusion naturally when seeing how the vast majority of the media they are exposed to come from just a few corporations. The fbi admits to infiltrating disrupting peaceful political groups in the United States. The womens and civil Rights movements were among those targeted, with their members being beaten, imprisoned, and assassinated.

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Walt Disney also owns large shares of a e television Networks and Lifetime Entertainment Services 12, while abc television Network boasts over 200 affiliated stations pet which together reach 99 of American household televisions, and that isnt even getting in to walt Disneys control of radio. News Corp., now infamous for the news International phone hacking scandal in the uk 13, owns Fox, mynetworktv elements and other stations totaling some 27 television stations in the United States alone, with Fox Television Stations reaching over 35 of American television homes with six duopolies. 14 Fox International owns 120 channels around the globe while news Corp. Also owns production and distribution companies like fox Home Entertainment, 20th Century fox Television, fox Film Entertainment, fox searchlight Pictures, Blue sky studios, fox 2000 Pictures and more on an international scale. General Electric (GE) owns a 49 stake in nbc-universal 15 and nbc networks (includes nbc news, nbc sports, nbc television, nbc universal, cnbc, cnbc world (Arabia, india, asia, europe msnbc, bravo, syfy channel, telemundo, usa, oxygen and more) along with 46 nbc affiliate stations and. In the realm of film production and distribution, ge owns Universal Pictures, focus features, and Rogue pictures with production agreements with more companies and distribution through Universal Studios Home Entertainment. They also control m, m etc. Along with m (a news Corp. And nbc universal joint venture) m and more. Then comes Time warner, the largest media conglomerate 17 with the second highest revenue behind Disney, both of which have holdings which far exceed the space here 17 and include a wide variety of industries including monopolies on cable service in some locations. 20 As with many of the other powerful media groups, time warner Inc.

Just six corporations 1 own the vast majority of media outlets in the United States. Through years of relentless mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, a handful of corporations have been able to dominate most of what Americans read, see and hear on a daily basis. There is much debate on the legitimacy of the consolidation of media, with strong proponents 2 3 4 and opponents 5 6 7 bringing forth a wide variety of arguments. 8 Regardless of your position on the viability of the concentration of media ownership into fewer and fewer hands, it is an irrefutable fact that over write the past few decades the corporations controlling the preponderance of American media have lessened considerably., the largest media corporations. 11 Walt Disney or more specifically disney media networks controls a staggering amount of media outlets. 12 In the field of motion pictures, they own Walt Disney pictures (which includes Pixar Animation Studios touchstone pictures and Hollywood Pictures. They then distribute these films through Walt Disney studios Home Entertainment while distributing soundtracks and original music under Walt Disney records and Hollywood Records. They also own the entire abc television Network (which includes abc daytime, abc entertainment Group and abc news the disney channel, abc family, soapnet, 80 of espn (along with espn2, espn classic, espnews, espn deportes, espnu, espn hd and espn2 hd, espn regional Television, espn.

3 6 9 month business plan

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21 References wikipedia: Incarceration in the United States raw Story: us prison population to add 200,000 convicts supermarket by 2011: study ml Salon: How private prisons game the system wikipedia: Private prisons in the United States npr: Prison revelation Economics Help Drive ariz. Immigration Law Thomson reuters: Securities and Exchange commission Form 10-K (CCA) OpenSecrets: Lobbying Spending Database - corrections Corp of America, 2010 OpenSecrets: Lobbying Spending Database - geo group, 2010 p? Lnamegeogroup year2010 Corrections Corp. Of America Press Release: 2010 fourth quarter and full-year financial results forbes: Damon. Hininger - president, Chief Executive officer and Director, corrections Corporation of America us dept of Justice: Emerging Issues on Privatized Prisons detroit Free press: hike in prisoner phone rates will cut off many family ties The guardian: The cynical world of Americas private prisons usa. 1307 - convict-made goods; importation prohibited m The guardian: This revolting trade in human lives is an incentive to lock people. Six corporations control virtually all American media. Owns over 27 television stations and over 150 newspapers. Time warner has over 100 subsidiaries including cnn, time magazine, and The.

However, despite the department of Defense not being required to purchase its products, many defense contractors take advantage of the cheap labor offered by prisons. 18 For example, inmates make as little as 23 cents an hour manufacturing components used in Patriot missiles, which then sell for.9 million apiece. Prisoners also made helmets for the military, until 44,000 defective units were recalled due to their inability to stop bullets. 19 Despite its shortcomings, unicor generated 854.3M in sales for fiscal year 2008 of which 4 went to inmate salaries. 16 Much of this money later ends up in the hands of the local government, as the inmates use their salary to pay for phone calls home. In New York, inmates refusing work assignments have been known to be placed in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day until work is resumed. 20 At the same time, it is illegal to import products made using prison labor into the United States.

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3 6 9 month business plan

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Of America was able to make 511.26M profit, earning their ceo over 3,000,000 in compensation. 9 10, private prison proponents claim that private corporations are able to provide the same service more efficiently than the government. However, according to the department of Justices Emerging Issues on Privatized Prisons report, private prisons offer at best a 1 cost savings over their government operated counterparts, while at the same time having 49 more assaults on staff and 65 more assaults on other inmates. 11, phoning in Profit, corporations owning correctional facilities is not the only way that prisons and the war on Drugs have been used as a source of income. For instance, even in government-ran facilities, inmates and their families are regularly subject to price gouging by phone carriers.

While the average cost of a phone call in the United States is 3 cents per minute 15, inmates and their families end up paying between 16 cents and.00 per minute. 13, the profits are then split between the carrier and the government body who awarded the contract. In fact, it is not uncommon for the government body to receive a signing bonus from the carrier, like 17M in the case of Los Angeles county. 14, unlike the public, the federal Communications Commission has no safeguards against price gouging when it applies to those behind bars. In the federal prison system, all able-bodied inmates who are not a security risk are forced to work for unicor or another prison job. 17, unicor, also known as Federal Prison Industries, is a government-created corporation that provides many products and services, including clothing, electronics, furniture, data entry and military hardware. 16 18, unicor enjoys a mandatory source clause that according to us sixt laws regulations, forces all federal agencies with the exception of the department of Defense to purchase products offered by unicor instead of the private sector.

1, this is roughly 600 that of the rest of the civilized world, with England and Wales having 148, and Australia 126 inmates per 100k residents. 1, as of 2010, private corporations house over 99,000 inmates in 260 facilities nationwide. Of America and other private contractors became members of the American Legislative exchange council, a non-profit 501(c 3) association that advocates tough on crime legislation. In their 2010 report to the securities and Exchange commission, corrections Corp. Of America discussed how drug policy reform threatens their business model: The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that.

For instance, any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them. 6, to ensure those pieces of legislation aren't passed, corrections Corp. Of America spent 970,000 7 and geo group spent 660,000 8 lobbying Congress in 2010 alone. Of Americas Feb 2011 press release, ceo damon Hininger stated. We are pleased our populations have remained strong, in excess of the 80,000 inmate milestone we surpassed late in 2010. 9, with the.2 increase in inmate population over the previous year, corrections Corp.

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Private corporations operate over 200 facilities nationwide and are traded on the night new York Stock Exchange. Prison privatization in its current form began in 1984 as a result of the war on Drugs. While crime rates otherwise remained steady dating back to 1925, the number of arrests quickly exploded. While the war on Drugs initially had a small impact on incarceration, it was President reagans Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986 that kickstarted the prison boom. 1, cCA houses over 80,000 inmates in more than 60 facilities across the. From 1970 to 2005, the prison population rose 700 percent, while violent crime remained steady or declined. 2, between 19, the populations of private prisons shot up 1,600 percent. 3, today, the us has the highest incarceration rate in the world 754 inmates per 100k residents as of 2008.

3 6 9 month business plan

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3 6 9 month business plan
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  1. Film-makers: by the time he made The outsiders, Francis Ford Coppola (b1939) was a key figure in the hollywood. We connect you to show links, recaps, reviews, news and more. Read Common Sense media s The outsiders review, age rating, and parents guide. Custom interview to gain knowledge on your new release, single, event. Find templates and more in our guide.

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  3. Live business News headlines on ipo, stock/Share tips, personal Finance, budget, tax, mutual Fund, commodity market more financial News and Announcements on Moneycontrol. View the wide range of mobile phones and Sim only deals from bt mobile. Benefit from 12 month contracts, fast 4G and unlimited bt wi-fi as standard. The prison system in the us is a profit-making industry. 6 corporations control virtually all media in America. The fbi admits to infiltrating lakeside retreat and guest Casita with full bath.

  4. Sample poultry business plan template for layers poultry farm if you are determined to start your own chicken farm, here is a free poultry farming business plan. The new American Bible, revised Edition (nabre) Released on March 9, 2011, the new American Bible, revised Edition (nabre) is the culmination of nearly 20 years of work by a group of nearly 100 scholars and theologians, including bishops, revisers and editors. Here is what you need to know to start a cassava farm and processing business in Nigeria. You will make millions from cassava farming. Latest India stock/Share market News, nse, bse, global Market, sensex Nifty.

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